I was looking at this snippet by Ancient Dragon and I saw that it had received 7 downvotes. I found this odd, because the snippet was actually quite good, so I upvoted it. I expected to be -6 after my upvote, but it went from -7 to +1. This is strange.
So I went to AD's profile and searched for negative posts made by AD. I choose a random one which also had -7 and upvoted it and the same thing happened: it went from -7 to +1. Could this possibly have something to do with the voting-script-abuser from a month back?

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That's good news for me? Thank you. But I still have 7 negative votes in the last entry on that thread. Maybe you looked at the wrong post? I really don't know why they are negative, other than probably someone just being an (donkey's butt).

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That's good news for me?

It appears that all your posts with more then 2 downvotes are actually negative due to a glitch, so good news indeed :)

But I still have 7 negative votes in the last entry on that thread.

Fixed to +1 by giving you 1 upvote.

This bug also applies on JBennet and Happygeek.


Yes, it seems to be left over from when the downvote bots hit us. Dani restored the overall scores, but I notice that individual posts still show the rigged downvote score.


IMO this looks like a case of cached values; even though the values were changed via backend [using some sort of query], the cache has not yet being cleared which might lead to such a thing.


Yes, they're cached. Darn thing ... however, it's not as easy as clearing out the cache. Will look into it.

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