Hi all

I'm in a situation where i have 6-8 PC's presently used for sending & receiving emails & internet works, for this we me and my colleges are using individual dial up data card, now we want to switch to a Broad band Leased line ( ILP or Dedicated line ) in which ISP is providing only one modem with one data out put point, with 2 wan & 6 no lan static IP address, as im using 6-8 PC i would like to connect them all to this network, but im unaware of the interfacing equipment to be put in between the Modem port & PC's which will work out in very less cost,

ISP is telling i need to install the L3 manageable switch which will cost me more,

another suggestion i got from my friend is to connect to from modem to a pc having 2 nic cards & then to connect the other port to the 8 port normal HUB & assign the IP for rest of the PC & connect it

Pls help me on resolving this issue

there should be a modem that connect you with your ISP for internet like DSL , if so then simply define a DHCP pool in modem then connect your out cable with any hub(not very expensive) and connect rest of computers with same hub by obtaining IP's automatically on your terminals.