This was working fine a few hours ago. But now:

Editing hot-keys and icons do not work
Forum Tools simply refreshes the page
Folder Icons are inactive
I have no mod tools on profile page
On my own profile page there is a Send Message link and nothing else.

Basically, a lot of functionality is completely gone. The pages look fine, but no longer work. Ctrl-F5 does nothing useful.

Any idea what happened?

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Could you post some relevant code? (couldn't resist)
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I reckon if you REBOOT walt,things will work again :)

Sometiems are ram gets low due to excessive usage and a reboot is needed... (Happens to me sometimes (Although i only have 56m of ram))

Good luck buddy!


After so many years in the computer field, that's usually the second thing I try. The easy stuff (booting/reset) are always long before asking what else... :icon_wink:


Are you still facing the problem? Tried with a different browser? Though it might sound crazy, try logging out of the site, clearing your cookies and browser history, closing the browser and then try logging in again. I really can't come up with a logical explanation when it comes to the description you posted. :)


Found it. Javascript got turned off...

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