My wife purchased the 32GB Apple iPad for my Father's Day gift. Fortunately, for me, you don't receive the iPad the day of purchase. Here's how it works: You buy the iPad, they send you an email when it arrives at the Apple Store, you have 24 hours to pick it up or you lose it. It might take three to five days to arrive at our local store. Thank goodness, because I'm having second thoughts about it.

If it arrived today, I wouldn't pick it up.

My reservations are numerous. I'm excited about the prospect of having it but I'm also a bit put off by the $800 or so that she spent on it. For $800, I could get the latest, high-end laptop or desktop system loaded with software. I'm having buyer's remorse. I'm considering telling her not to pick it up.

Sure, I can write about it and I can use it in place of a laptop for short periods of time but I just can't get past the price. At $400, I'd look to it with anticipation. But, at $800, with all of the bad and lukewarm reviews on, I just don't know. I'm also pretty sure that Apple doesn't have a return policy if you aren't satisfied.

I've never owned anything Apple and I have the jitters about it.

I used to support clients who used Apple computers but I never found them interesting or intriguing enough to purchase one for myself.

I'm a Linux guy who also uses Windows. I also use Solaris. I don't use anything Mac. And, it isn't just the fear of the unknown, it's the fact that $800 for a toy is hard to justify.

Do you have an iPad? What's your suggestion? Should I pick it up or let some other poor unsuspecting fool pay the outrageous price?

How did you justify the price and are you glad you bought your iPad?

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I would get an Ipad Micro(iPhone 4). It at least has 512RAM. Ipad only has 256RAM. So much for good iOS 4 multi-tasking on the iPad. I'll quote a friend that HAD an iPad. "I was done with the thing after it locked up hard trying to watch a movie from the Netflix App. The iPad is all shock and aw" As I always say, never buy first Gen Apple.

... I've been using apple stuff for a long time, it used to be fun. Now I think it's a big put on. Mac was my first computer experience back in '90. Lately, the more I use Linux the less I like Apple, their products (hardware & software) and their philosophy at large. Bill Gates doesn't seem so awful after all and Linus truly changed the world we live in. But that's not hype worthy. I will be splurging for some sort of tablet like device but it will be Linx, Droid or Win powered. Personally, I think iPad is best at delivering money from the consumers' wallets into Steve's. Nothing else. Sorry.

I've decided that I'm not picking it up. No iPad for me.

Get the German WeTab when it arrives in August. Linux based, better specs than the iPad all around, except perhaps battery.

Here's my opinion on Apple. First (like in 2007) I was a bit intrigued to see what all the hype was about. So I looked up for myself what their products are about and tried to test it each time I got my hands on one. Unfortunately (for Apple) that's exactly what I did, I looked on my own, not let myself be washed by the hype and stevie's show and tells. Here's my conclusions so far:

1. They have a product which combines the worst aspects of notebooks and PCs. It's not portable, you can't configure it and you're stuck with the screen they give you from the start. It has an underpowered pricey mobile CPU, which gives you no advantage on a desktop machine that is powered via an outlet. It has a small crowded laptop keyboard.
2. They have a product which combines the worst aspects of tablet PCs and phone. You pay for a carrier fee even tho the thing is in no way portable as a mobile phone. You have a limited phone like os with phone like applications, even tho the thing is 4 times bigger then a phone. For much less money they what it costs you can buy something that has nothing lacking by comparison, and a ton of extra features.
3. If you draw a graph of apple products, and on one axis you order portability (i.e. how easy it is to carry the thing around) and on the other the count of units sold for each of said products you'll notice that there's a perfect proportion between them. To me, what this says is that people really don't buy Apple stuff because they need it, they buy it to show it off, they know it's an expensive toy, but they love to think that people think better of them once they see they hold a shiny white thing in their hands. No reason buying an apple product that will stay at home all the time, it's already useless, I know that, and NO ONE will know I have it. It's like buying a hat or nice shiny boots.
4. Steve Jobs is probably the evilest human in IT history. I mean sure he's not like Hitler, he hasn't killed anyone, but if we all agree that commercialism ruins everything (and if you don't just take a harder look around, and buy a Coke) that stevie is the unrivaled master of commercialising everything and doing all it's tiny hands can to push the commercial edge of it's stuff no matter how crappy useless, or even down right restrictive they are. And taking advantage of gulible people is evil.

@AndBod: Really? Jobs is more evil than Gates?! That's just silly and completely ignores history. And it's a little early to invoke Godwin's.

The technology of the iPad isn't really the issue here. For the sake of marriage relationship, keep your mouth shut, pick up the iPad, and behave as though it's the coolest present you've ever gotten.

If you reject her gift, she may outwardly act as though it's all okay and that she understands your "pragmatism", but inwardly she'll feel bad that she missed the mark in trying to delight you on Father's Day.

commented: taking "staying on-topic" to a whole new level +1

To be honest, it sounds like it may not be for you.

I have one, and personally I love it. I was one of the people wondering why we would need a device like it, what niche it would fill, etc. I thought it was a very specific segment of people it was targeted towards.

However, I develop for the iPhone and wanted to get one to be able to target development for it as well ( I had to admit, but I enjoy Objective-C now ). As a result, I've ended up getting more use out of it than I thought I would. I use it for taking notes in meetings at work, I read or play offline games when I have a smoke break, I use it to sketch out artistic ideas for fleshing out later and at home I play online games, watch TV or movies on it, or play board games with the kids. Honestly it's with me almost all the time now.

And I've heard the same things from a lot of other people who own them. Before I had it for a few days I thought it was the dumbest thing ever for a lot of people - just a neat toy but a gimmick.

That said, I still think that it's not a device that is for everyone. For me, I've found uses for it way beyond what I thought I would. But the price point *is* large, and not easily justifiable for everyone. I am a voracious reader, but didn't have an ebook reader yet - that's at least $200 of the cost. And I enjoy gaming on it more than on my iPhone. Plus I can develop for it. This however isn't a profile that fits everyone. If you are having that much trouble deciding then I would say you likely wouldn't be happy with it and it would be illogical to try and force it.

I'll avoid any of the arguments about OS battles, company viewpoints and other things that typically degenerate into religious warfare. This is just based on my experience with the device.

But your wife was very thoughtful in getting it for you!

you know it is interesting how every one talks down the ipad and how unusable it is. i happen to own a 64GB wifi that i purchased the first day. i have never had any problems with it, and it has basically replaced the laptop that i used to carry with me all the time. it has never locked up on me, and i use it for numbers, keynote, and other programs of that sort.

it is lightweight and portable, i can access my other computers from it and be able to use every thing on them. it can be used as a second monitor for any of the mac products out there.

i happen to use mine as a second monitor for my macbook pro quite a bit.

all in all i think that it would be a good addition for you and i think that you will like it once you try it.

If you don't want your iPad may I have it? You pay the $800 of course :P I'll just use it for you. LOL. JK. :P :D

I used to lug around a laptop. It could do everything I needed at almost any time. However, it was large and heavy and I needed to worry about an outlet. I stopped carrying it around. I then discovered an iPod touch and thought it was great until my eyes started to fill crossed from the small display. I recently picked up the iPad and it is a speedy machine with a nice size screen, long battery life, and it is light and compact. All in all, it is a winner for most of my routine needs. However, it will not replace my desktop replacement laptop which sits in my office nor will it replace my iPod portability for exercising. My iPad did cost quite a bit of money but I will get my money's worth.

If you are a linux guy, you should really try out the Apple platform soon. You will LOVE it. So much of it is influenced by linux concepts and it's unix base.

I have been using Windows machines since Windows was first released, and Linux for a while. When I got my first MacBook a year ago, a whole load of beautiful, logical doors opened for me :)

Ipad? A bit boring, but if you have the money, definitely worth having as an extra device for those times in between using a handheld or personal computer (notebook).

While I'm also waiting expectantly, and have been for some time now, for a good Android tablet, the bottom line is that the hardware isn't going to be anything approaching significantly better. At *most* we can hope for "Meh, I guess it's better."

But being a douche and claiming to know why people get an iPad is stupid: I got one, reluctantly, because I need to functionality it provides before fall/winter. I *want* a Notion, but they simply don't exist yet. I couldn't care less about being hip--so keep your uninformed opinions of me to yourself. It's just as "hip" to bash Apple for their closed platform--stop trying to be so cool.

i would get it but wait a bit for it to be cheaper

With all my respects, dont buy anything from Apple, we dont need no Linux, XP, solaris users with Apple technology,
when samsung or blackberry or someone else make a tablet for $ 400 with windows just purchase it,
an iPad is not a netbook, its a multimedia center that works really fine for me and family
all the best
a mac lover from mexico

The IPAD glaring omission of a camera was a surprise to many. Perhaps it was always envisioned a second version of the device or Apple simply do not have the time to get it to work for the first time.

I wish my wife would buy me a $800 toy.

Tell her to forget the ipad and spend the money on a 3 day cruise for 2 instead.

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