On the old layout, the Mark as Solved button was easy to find and new members, and even some with nearly 200 posts, still rarely used it. Now it is, IMO, much too small. I knew the button would be somewhere and it still took me awhile to find. New members will never notice it where it is on this layout.

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good point
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Hmm, well I was thinking about it and I think it might just be that the large & bold 'DaniWeb Community Feedback Discussion Thread' words draw attention away from the smaller and lighter colored mark solved button. The words 'daniweb community feedback' are redundant, since I already know what forum I'm in and it says above the thread as well. Perhaps make the text at the top a tiny bit bigger, and instead of putting

'DaniWeb Community Feedback Discussion Thread', 'Unsolved (Mark Solved)'

change it to 'Daniweb community feedback: Thread title', and get rid of the huge thread title within the first post.

Just a suggestion.


Yes, I'd agree that it's somewhat hidden up there at the top. I think it's previous location just below the last post is probably the best place for it if we're to have any chance of new posters using it.


My preference would be a button instead of a link, in a somewhat distinctive but not jarring color, preferable near the 'flag' and 'post' buttons.


But it's for a thread, not a post. It belongs at the bottom of the thread, maybe avove the reply box for easy access.


Yeah; it's actually better than it was on the old layout because it now says "question answered"? so newbies will actually know what 'mark as solved' means.


I think you can tick this one as things that Dani has fixed already :)

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Mark "mark as solved" solved? That's deep. Thanks for doing your best too Happy
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