I'm sorry if i'm posting this again but i just can't find the search forum button.

When I tried logging into daniweb it kept redirecting me to the login page everytime, even though the username and password is same and actually filled in by the browser. Finally I chose the link at the top of the page to login, which opened a pop-up window accepting login and password and that worked.

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Agni: there is a search button at the top right of the screen

Chammarox: are you sure you meant to post that here as it has no bearing on the original posting?


Happygeek the main problem was with the login. It is not very critical since as i said the login at the top of the page (the one which brings up a pop-up to login) works fine but the other one didn't.


Hi Agni, I'm sure Dani will have added this to the list of things to check in due course - thanks for letting us know.

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