I have a custom login page that in development works fine... but live, it has an error. On the bottom of one of my pages I have an "Admin" link that links to a page in a sub folder called "Secure". The sub folder is secured in web.config. The security is working correctly. The program should direct the user to the login page... which is at the root of a subdomain. Unfortunately, it is directing to the subdomain + the folder name. As an example:
SubDomain: www.SubDomain.com
SubDomain points to folder in main domain www.MainDomain.com/MySubFolder

When the page is looking for a file in the secured folder it
is directing the user to www.SubDomain.com/MySubFolder/login.aspx rather than www.SubDomain.com/login.aspx.
I have been working on this issue for 2 weeks without a resolve... hoping you can help.

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Thanks for the suggestion... I got really excited because this was something I hadn't tried. unfortunately I couldn't get it to help any better than I had.
Here is the actual code... maybe it will give you a clue I am missing

<authentication mode="Forms">
   <forms  name="SunriverSecure" domain="Sunriversiskin.com"
      path="Secure" loginUrl="secure/Login.aspx" protection="All"
   <credentials passwordFormat="Clear">
      <user name="MyUserName" password="Password1"/>
      <user name="2ndUserName" password="Password2"/>
<location path="Secure">
         <allow users="MyUserName"/>
         <allow users="2ndUserName"/>
         <deny users="?"/>

Note: I have changed password format, usernames and passwords

the code within the aspx file is:

<a href="Secure/PageSecureReservation2.aspx">Admin</a>

The html result is an error page at:


again, any help would be appreciated!

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