Hello, I'm following this script http://evolt.org/PHP-Login-System-with-Admin-Features?from=2450&comments_per_page=50 and it uses username to sign up. I was wondering if anyone can help me out in figuring out what to change in order for the user to input the username to email sign in.

I know how to change the main.php where you can just change the <input> section but, there's so many pages that I'm not sure what else I need to change since I'm only starting out in php.

Thank you

any ideas?

Thank you

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Are you asking in the right forum? Has evolt got a forum for this? Tip - make it easy for contributors by posting YOUR code. Don't make them work by having to go to other sites to try and figure out what you're trying to do. Anyway, this isn't hire a free coder, have a go yourself first and come back when you hit a wall.

BTW - I don't fancy your chances though as you've picked a script that has OO code (I peeked!), not just procedural stuff. In other words it's a bit advanced.

If you're trying to learn php - get hold of a more simple script and work your way through it. If you're being a 'script bunny', then you're pretty much on your own, unless you find some sap to do all the work for you. Good luck.

sorry :( i left a comment at evolt's website. I'll keep trying over there.

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