I'm the kind of person who almost always likes to use the 'advanced' editor when posting threads/replies.

That being said, I've tried changing the setting from Basic to Standard in my CP but I see no option for 'Advanced' in there.

The only reason I bring this up is because it seems that I still have to transition from the basic editor to the advanced editor when posting replies and I was kind of hoping there would be a way to set it so I always default to the advanced editor.

On a side note, it seems when posting new threads (such as this one) that I default to the advanced so I'm not sure if it's ONLY the replies that are defaulting to the non-advanced editor or what the story is.

Edit: Ok, so it's new = advanced and reply/edit = non-advanced... personally I'd like all to default to advanced if a flag is set on the user CP.

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The reason this isn't done is because all of the JavaScript required to load the full editor is very heavy, and would significantly slow page loading times whenever browsing threads.

However, I believe this idea is currently being circulated in the vBulletin forums for an upcoming version.


Good to know :)

I, personally, have no issue with page load times when using the advanced editor but I suppose some do.

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