Over the last couple of years, when I would search for something code related online, I was getting links to threads here at DaniWeb. I never joined though because I figured it was just another development forum and there were already hundreds of similar sites. However, last week, I was "irritated" about something I saw on one of the posts, created an account, and posted a thread to complain about it. I was really amazed at the attitude and pleasantness of the responses. At that point, I decided to create a real account (this one) and start contributing myself. Over the last week I have learned that DaniWeb is so much better than all the others I've been to. I just love it! It's so intuitive and easy to navigate, and the forum tools are awesome.

Please keep up the good work!

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Thank you for giving us a chance!
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Hi CodeWord,

Thanks SOOOO MUCH for those kind words! It is very much appreciated. I assume you are the person who is irritated no longer? ;) Sorry for the bad first taste.


Glad to hear that a long time lurker finally decided to join Daniweb and help out others. Welcome to Daniweb. :)


Welcome, glad you find the "real" Daniweb feeling. Enjoy your time with us, thanks for the nice words, our mods are really some of the best!:)

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