Hi All,

I was inspired by the Daniweb email I received about the Google issues - so I'm here, and ready to start using Daniweb for my development needs.

In exploring the site, I think I've come across a resource that is not yet being provided - I'm a developer, both for application and web, and almost all of my projects use SQL - both Microsoft SQL, and MySQL.

I'd like to suggest adding a SQL forum - I realize I could post SQL questions in the PHP or web development forum, but I thought SQL is a big enough thing on its own to deserve it's own forum....let me know if you agree ;-)

Thanks for listening!

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Geez - sorry about that...us newbies - can't live with'em, can't live without'em ;-)

It's not easy to tell there is a sub menu on the databases item....might be better if there were a little carrat or arrow indicating a sub level....just a thought...

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I think that a carat is a good idea.

Of course you would, you're a girl. Especially if it had 23 friends. :D

Me, I'd like a carrot.

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Someone had to say it!!

Hey that email actually brought me back here today. I have to admit I have found interesting articles here before so I'm willing to contribute. How about a sub-forum to help with project planning and organization. Does that seem feasible?

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