All right, the solution for this question might be awkwardly simple, but I'm totally lost and confused on this.

I have created a Windows Form Application in Visual C++ 2010 Ultimate and included some resource files (BMP Images) in Form1.resX. For example, one of them is picture1.bmp. I have a picture-box on the main form and I want to show that picture1.bmp when I click a button. It was quite simple in Visual basic, all you have to do is

PictureBox1.Image = My.Resources.Picture1 [VB]

But I don't know how to do it in VC++ 2010.

I have been searching the solution over the net but most of the solutions I found were complex and went over my head. I do not want to use handles or anything like that, please help me out with the simplest method.

Thank you.

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