Well, daniweb seem capable to achieve a million members by the end of this year, i will give daniweb my support. From my research, it seems that there are not man asians joining daniweb, maybe i can encourage my school mates to join daniweb or start a daniweb campaign. Sounds good?;)


You can never rely on third party statistics :) Our top five countries (in order) are US, India comes in at #2 but has less than half the traffic of the US, followed by UK, Canada, and #5th place used to be Austrlia but it has recently been replaced by Germany.

Since the US lost half its traffic due to the algorithm change, if we were to focus on March 2011 exclusively, the US and India are now neck-and-neck, but the US is still holding tightly onto first place.


Your research is wrong, DaniWeb has a thriving Asian membership.

I am curious how many singaporeans are there?


.. being one-off posters, banned spammers, or lurkers who add no value. :icon_rolleyes: I fail to see the benefit of fluffing the member count with shit and then bragging about it.

Why would someone stick to a forum which they have no relation with, they would pop up only when they have a query,

***yaawwns*** nevermind, sometimes i don't get replies for the posts i had replied. lol


i agreed with you susheelsundar. Unless they are interested or have nothing to do then they will stick to a thread or forum which had no relation to them. Just trying to help you since you say that not much people reply to your posts


>> Why would someone stick to a forum which they have no relation with

They wouldn't, and don't. The issue here is whether such people should be truly considered "members".


This is better: "Daniweb have helped thousands of people and for some thousands of activists it offers playground of ideas and learning by helping others" And maybe days number of new thrreads and solved ones. Maybe few nameless reputation comments.

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