The million dollar Xbox

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The cost of an Xbox 360 is dropping like a brick, which is just as well considering so many things can go wrong with the Microsoft games console. In fact the whole Red Rings of Death thing has led to some frustrated users taking Microsoft to court.

Jesse Maiman, a Yale University student, is also going to court over an Xbox 360 but his lawsuit is not against Microsoft and his console is not broken as far as he knows. It is, however, missing. Maiman boarded a US Airways flight from Connecticut to Cincinnati with the Xbox 360 packed in his luggage, when he arrived the console was mysteriously missing from his baggage.

Most people would understandably be a little miffed at this. Most people would probably expect the airline to provide enough compensation to replace the missing console with a new one. Jesse Maiman, it would appear, is not most people.

Maiman filed a lawsuit against US Airways seeking up to $1 million for non-economic stress, whatever that might be. OK, so allowing for the fact the Xbox 360 was modded with a specialised hard drive and other components that apparently cost more than a thousand dollars I can understand the $1700 being claimed to replace the console. But a million bucks on top?

Considering that the federal loss limits for any US airline when it comes to lost luggage, or belongings lost from luggage, is restricted to a liability of no more than $3,300 per bag I suspect he will be very lucky indeed to see anywhere near a million dollar pay day on this one.

samortan 0 Newbie Poster

I have got 2 , so does that mean I am millionaire, actually 2 millionaire

dra8ana 0 Newbie Poster

I have got 2 , so does that mean I am millionaire, actually 2 millionaire

Yeah, i am millionaire too!

JamieLynnSEO 20 Posting Pro in Training

He should have purchased travel insurance! This would have given him enough money to buy multiple x-box 360's! And probably a few games, too!

Regardless, id be pissed if my console were missing too.

JamieLynnSEO 20 Posting Pro in Training

((isn't modding your x box technically against Microsoft's policy? I know modding it generally voids a warranty... don't you think they'd find some legal loophole around this lawsuit? hm...))

happygeek 2,411 Most Valuable Poster Team Colleague Featured Poster

That story was from two years back, and I suspect if he was successful we would have heard about Microsoft having to cough up the cash :)

The MS lawyers probably told him in no uncertain terms to go away...

JamieLynnSEO 20 Posting Pro in Training

Too funny! ^_^

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