I'm looking for a good [Feed] Reader application/software to keep up to date abt new / updated posts in say Daniweb C-Forum.
Any good app you know? I'm currently using FeedReader 3.14. Seems decent enough but it doesn't:

  • Show me full thread (only the original post/question).
  • Show me that a thread is updated (only when a new thread is created).

Of course I'm as lazy as they come and would love if I can even reply to a post using such app instead of opening a browser. But without really digging much abt RSS feed and newsgroups, I guess such a thing is more a newsgroup function than RSS.


AFAIK, RSS/Atom readers only show feeds which were exposed by the site in consideration. So if the feeds published by Daniweb don't show the entire thread, no feed reader would be able to show the entire thread.

As an example, consider this feed exposed by Github which shows the entire blog post with images since that's how they expose their feed to be.

You are of course welcome.

But just to clarify, if the RSS feeds showed the entire thread, no one would bother visiting the forums thereby bringing down the traffic, something which is very valuable to any forum out there. My bet is that the majority of forums out there expose "teaser" feeds which show you the gist of the thread/post but require you to visit the forum to actually view the entire thing. :-)


I guessed as much, if I owned DaniWeb I'll do that. That's why I closed the thread instead of asking for it..

I know you knew the reason, just wanted to clarify it for others who stumble upon this thread for the same reason. :)

We actually do show entire posts in our feeds ;) Not just teasers.

I think Kashyap was specifically asking for entire threads in RSS feeds and not just the entire first post of a thread.