showerhater 0 Newbie Poster

i am just now learning to take advantage of XML and RSS feeds. I actauly just finished my first RSS Feed. Whenever i check it in google reader the RSS feed shows up as a list of links with short descriptions. like i would like it to do.
However, when i look at the RSS Feed in MS outlook 2010 i don't get any available links. The feed looks like an email with what was the link in google reader as the title of the email. The title is not a clickable link. I use outlook RSS viewer to view other RSS feeds and they have a hyperlinked "view article" at the bottom of each article feed. How can i get that same hyperlink?

so, i guess my question boils down to: how can i put a hyperlink in XML, and if i can do that how do i change the text color so that someone will be able to tell it is a clickable link?

thanks for your time and effort!

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