Recently, macbook is having less problem. I have nothing to contribute in the apple forum. I have experienced in apple products and is having a windows computer lesson. So i can't contribute in the windows forum. Is there any forum that i can post in. Thanks


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You can check out the community center, there a lot of forums you can post to, while you learn windows, or other mac book problems come up good luck


The golden rule should be that you contribute when you have something worth contributing, not just for the sake of it, to be honest...

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I agree with happygeek. Continue using your platforms, be they Mac or Windows, and when you have an issue or can answer someone else's question go ahead and contribute.


You can contribute to threads even if you don't know the answer to the original question. If you find a thread where someone answers it and you don't understand the answer, then go ahead and ask for more clarification about what you don't understand. But be careful here not to hijack the thread and take it in some other direction. If you don't understand some answers then chances are there are other readers who don't either. That kind of dialog is one way for everyone to learn something new that day :)


I would have to disagree with AD there. That seems to be a guaranteed recipe for derailing other people's threads.


Yes, there is that potential problem, which is why I mentioned it in my post. But you will find many many threads which have contributions by several people. Its not just a two-sided two-people threads.

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I understood the intent, but as a general strategy for participation I think it would be unwise for him to go looking for threads to ask more questions about points he is unclear on.

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