If anyone is interested in attending/covering GDC on behalf of DaniWeb please contact our editor-in-chief, Eyal Akler at [email]eyal@daniwebmail.com[/email]

You must have plenty of experience in Game Development and good reporting / interviewing skills.


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FYI, you would be attending GDC as credentialed press and allowed to cover the event, write about and talk to pretty much anyone. DaniWeb would cover your travel and hotel expenses, your registration and press credentials plus you would receive compensation for each article you produce.

Sure, I'll do it! What do you need?

Nate please email the address above in the post and send info about yourself and your past work, links, etc.

Oh I sooo wish I could go... it's a shame that I'll be spending my next few months in Iraq... someone please take pictures!

Climber Ty, stay safe.

I'm a little late coming upon this thread. Has this been taken care of? I've got both game experience and skills, if you are still looking for someone.

Taken care of people, thanks! it is a bit late to book anything now.
however, anyone interested in writing for us, contributing to the editorial section may PM me directly. There are always opportunities and cool things going on.

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