Hi guys,

Recently i found out that newcomers that join daniweb are reviving zombie threads. Do you think we should automatically closed the thread if there is no response for 4 months. This can prevent zombie infection from spreading. i called it zombie infection caused zombie threads are always being revive. LOL :D

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Is this consider reviving a zombie thread and hijacking it as well

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It's been called a number of things - resurrections, lazarus, necroposting etc etc. I've always thought that 3 months would be sufficient time for a post to be made. Otherwise close it. However, the powers that be do not want to automatically close a thread. It would be interesting what %age of necroposts are actually valid. If it's less than 1% (which I assume it is), I really can't see the rationale behind keeping them on ice.

Anyway, as Nick says, it's all been said and said and said...

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