I just watched this webcast: http://videos.webpronews.com/2011/05/31/daniweb-speaks-out-on-recovering-from-google-panda/

I'd like to follow up on the idea of no-indexing threads with zero replies. During the webcast it was stated that the idea was to not have people find a thread that has their exact question but no answer. In some cases, they will find a thread that has the answer elsewhere. In other cases, won't this just lead to the person posting the same question here (or elsewhere) because they don't think it has been asked before? It seems to me like we'd want them to find the post without an answer and then "vote it" to the top, or reply with "any thoughts?" so it gets bumped.

Can anyone explain further?



I do not think that any reasonable question stays very long with no answers at all, if it is going to be answered. So maybe it would be ok to have initial state "no indexing" and have reply side effect as turning the indexing on.

But problem is the threads which are not intended to have replies, like code snippets and announcements (though often they do get replies, and fixes)

As side note, I like usually to keep eye on Threads I've Posted In but funny thing about that is that my own thread is not included if I did not send any response to there also. I'd like option to have that instead (plus my own resent threads) in my customized home page.

The vast majority of people searching Google are non-DaniWeb members who do so looking for answers to their questions. Community members are still encouraged to search the site before they post, and all threads show up in DaniWeb's on-site search.

Nearly all legitimate questions ultimately go answered, as Tonyjv pointed out. Additionally, news stories, code snippets, tutorials, etc. will always be indexed in Google no matter what. This only applies to Q&A forum threads.