Is there other ways to help boost daniweb traffic besides linking your daniweb account to your blog......

Yes but i dont want to say......

I received an email that complained about Google's response based on a change in evaluating websites. Daniweb is a very large site and in my opinion is not easy to negotiate. I tend to burn the midnight oil tackling problems that I have rather than seek help on a forum website. One explanation is that I may have to wait for a solution to the problem, and I believe I can solve it.

To get back to ease of use and the user. Why not make it eaier to use if possible? I estimated that over three quarters of my display was taken up by adverts - no wonder Google has downgraded the site. My you the Glogle ads could be scrapped. Now either the website is designed primarily for IT pros or it is not. I think that it should be aimed at helping all of us. Incidentally, this message window is unstable! I say all of us as the IT pros sector is relatively small, and pros will often post on sepcifi sites. I am sorry but the message window has become unstable so I am signing off.


IE8 user

Wonder how the thread is solved, how was it solved? Apparently, well actually, my last post became unstable because there was a cat hair stuck in my optical mouse, which has an opening. She, the cat is a good mouser, so I can't blame her for sabotaging my mouse! But to get back to ideas to boost Daniweb. My most recent post has not had a reply after over a day. I have re-posted the query on a Microsoft website, which received a reply within an hour. I'll update my post when and if its solved. The trouble is that unless there is an incentive for a core of users to help people with problems then Daniweb will not attract new "members". I am not a specialist, so the only contribution that I can make is post problems that others may also have and do my best to comment on issues that I read about, which will usually coincide with my posting of a problem.