Anyone else seeing this behavior? Post a response, someone responds, you respond back, they respond, etc., and you have a thread with, say, six posts. Life is good. Then look at the page (see screenshot)...

ONE reply. Click on it and you get the whole thread with SIX replies (or however many there actually are). An hour or two later, if you come back, the main page shows the accurate post count of the thread (unless of course MORE posts came in during that time period).

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We cache the forum listing pages for guests who aren't logged in. Do you log out/log in?


I do log in and log out. I generally look at the main C++ page, see if there have been new replies, and if so, go to the actual thread. I think I've seen this behavior when I stay logged in as well. Let me post this, stay logged in, and see.


Logged in again and can see it in real time. Yup, that seems to make the difference, so this thread's solved. Thanks.

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