Greetings To All.

I'm just wondering if anybody has any workaround or solution for the problem as described on the thread title. I've been doing the search on the web but so far it has not worked for me.


  • LAN with about 30 computers connected to network.
  • Mix of XP, Vista, Win 7 operating System -

The only problems I have is with XP (either SP2 or SP3).

  • Drives are mapped with a logon script.
  • There's about 5 automatically mapped drive upon logon. Physically, some are here in my office, while others are far far away in the UK. *The thing is, even if i disconnect the mapped drive that is overseas, accessing the network drive that is physically connected to the LAN here in my office it is still very slow.

Things I've done so far

  • Unchecked "Automatically Search For network folders and printers
  • Disable Windows Image Acquisition (WIA) Services
  • Reinstall 1. Client for Microsoft Networks, 2. Qos Packet Scheduler, 3. File and printer sharing for Microsoft Networks.
  • Added the registry in as suggested on some sites

  • Disabled firewall

I am doing a Join-PC-To-Domain for the computers in my network. Only started to realize this issue when it is connected to domain and mapped. When it is in workgroup and manually mapped the drive, browsing speed is normal.

Not sure if anybody has any fix for this. Any tips/suggestion/references is very much appreciated.

Thanks all!

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To get rid of slow connectivity problems you can proceed with below steps to reduce TCO of your organization.

1) goto start -----run----Services-----disable services which are of no use and can increase performance issue you can disable Alert and Computer browser service,you can disable few more services which are not required to increase performance issue.
2) Check the Ram size for better performance.If the Ram size is 512 mb then u will face problem increase the Ram size for better performance and for fast browsing and access.

I just fixed a similar issue so hopefully i can help, the computers may have a drive that is mapped but the destination no longer exists, You should see Disconnected Network Drive in the details when your within My Computer, You need to disconnect the drive as windows is constantly trying to access it every time you try to so browse. i hope this helps

Hi All, thanks for the reply and sorry to get back on this late.

Anyways, I just realized that although most XP computers here are facing this problem, there's about 2 or 3 computers aren't. Am trying to figure out by looking at this "able" computer but have not done so yet.

I've tried smferoz tips but apparently it's still the same and the desktop has got 1GB of RAM.

@bluetige: i have checked that all the necessary drives are mapped and none is disconnected. However, I noticed that when I open My Computer, there will be a few seconds lag and then it will show the list of local and network drives and there will be another lag whereby it will show the network drives as disconnected. After awhile it is connected again.

Can this problem be on the AD level or is it on the end user side? Cause I was thinking if at least 3 of them doesn't have any issues, then it could not have been on the AD side with the logon script and whatnot.

Just my thoughts though.. appreciate all the tips. :)

Just to add on, when I disconnect that pc from the domain, it browse through all network drives/locations just fine. Problem persist when it is connected to domain.

Are you using roaming profiles?

Hi JustinNH..

Nope. Not roaming. Local profiles.

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