i've really been noticing the number of newly joined members and the total number of members in the Daniweb community and am wondering, can we meet a million target by the end of this year? I would really like us to have a whole new range of digits from next year and if your answer is NO, what can be done to attract more members.....your sincere opinion is needed.

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I think the short answer is no. We would need 40,000 new members in November and the same in December. Just ain't gonna happen...


I would really like us to have a whole new range of digits from next year

That doesn't buy you anything. Well, it helps with ad revenue, I suppose, but what kind of site would it be if that increase in numbers consisted of 80,000 homework assignments?


It does't even help with ad revenue. It's great to boast a big number, but no one is going to even pay attention if you boast 846,356 versus 983,245. Big deal ;)

We used to increase by about 1,500 new registrations per day. However, then, after complaint after complaint, I removed the "nag window" that appeared for unregistered users on their first pageview to the site coming in from a Google search. We now receive only about 100 new registrations daily.


I would say less than 10 percent, possibly around 5 per 100, going on the number of newly registered members I deal with for spamming.

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