For example I have a non-ordered list of values [10, 20, 50, 200, 100, 300, 250, 150]

I have this code which returns the next greater value:

def GetNextHighTemp(self,  temp,  templist):
    target = int(temp)
    list = []
    for t in templist:
        if t != "":
    return str(min((abs(target - i), i) for i in list)[1])

e.g. If temp = 55, it will return '100'.

But how can I get the lesser of the value? That is how to get it to return '50'?

Thank you.

It doesn't work as you said, when I pass 55 it returns 50, and for 85 it returns 100. In fact it returns the closest value. I would suggest

max((x for x in templist if int(x) <= target))

Remark that this will raise ValueError if target is smaller than all the list's element.

tonyjv, yes, thank you, I haven't realised it was a built-in type as the Eclipse text highlighter didn't highlight it.
I've finally got it:

        templist = QStringList()
        for material in self.materials:
            if material.attrib["name"] == matvar:
                temps = material.getiterator("temp")
                for temp in temps:
        target = int(tempvar)
        x1 = max(int(t) for t in templist if t != '' and int(t) < target)
        x2 = min(int(t) for t in templist if t != '' and int(t) > target)
        return [x1, x2]
    except Exception, inst:
        return "0"

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