I'm sure everyone would want to wish Dani, The Queen of DaniWeb, a very happy birthday today.

If you were at the Ad:Tech after party which also served as Dani's birthday bash last night, at the excellent Playwright Celtic Pub in New York, then I hope you had as great a time as I did, and took the chance to say hi.

Finally, a word of thanks to Kerry (PRdude) for his brilliant wrk in organising the party. The place was full (I'm guessing 400-500 people) and everyone was having a great time. Much DaniWeb swag was given away including free T's for everyone, big screen TVs, Xboxes and more.

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The official figures are in, and there were 600 people at the DaniWeb party. Plus Elvis...


Man, he shows up everywhere :).

At least he would finish off the scraps :D

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