Is it just me, or does this happen to anyone else (just started today). I've cleared all my history and cache, and cookies from firefox, and did a hard-reload, and it's rendering it this way.... Idea's *Cough*Dani*Cough*

And how did I lose stars? I had 4, I'm down to three???


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The problem is that you are doing a search and one of the threads in the search results is titled: Popup-MediaTicketsInstaller-cash8.exe-HiJackThis Log posted

Since that is all one word, Firefox can't wrap it around the next line, and therefore it's stretching out the table. This doesn't happen in Internet Explorer because IE is smart enough to split up the word at a hyphen, while FireFox apparently waits for a space before word wrapping to the next line.


Only staff members had stars, so I figured I might as well make them informative. So I set it up to be:

sponsors - 1 star
community helpers - 2 stars
moderators - 3 stars
super moderators - 4 stars
admins - 5 stars

Only these five usergroups have stars. Additionally, these five usergroups are the only folks capable of changing their user titles via their control panel, so it's actually the only way (aside from username color) to determine staff rank.


I also noticed that "Comatose is an unknown quantity at this point"!
Is there any better wording for a moderator with 1,064 helpful posts?


Oh, I haven't changed anything having to do with reputation. That's how it's been since DaniWeb's inception. Remember, "reputation" (and I put it in quotes because it has nothing to do with one's true reputation within our community) is solely based on the number of people who have clicked the "Add to so-and-so's Reputation" link within a post. And, sorry to say, but not very many people at all have rated Coma :). If you're really overly concerned, throw "If you found my post helpful, please add to my reputation" into your forum signature.


I do remember previously that there was discussion (I believe in the moderators forum at the time) about people who use Daniweb as part of their resume, and there was a big hype about changing the unknown quantity, wasn't there?

I don't personally mind either one (the stars, or the unknown quantity) I just remember having more stars, and couldn't see why I was being semi-demoted ;)


I remember that thread. It wasn't related to being an unknown quantity or anything. What it was related to was user titles. They are based on post count, and were formerly Junior Techie, Senior Techie, etc. Someone with a lot of technical experience but only a few posts didn't want to be referred to as a Junior Techie. Therefore, I have changed these user titles to now be Junior Poster, Senior Poster, etc to reflect that they mean nothing other than just postcount.

Mods and sponsors can have their own custom user titles :)


That's a different thread than the one I was thinking of. Will look into changing it when I finish what I'm working on ... Been spending all day in front of a terminal trying to optimize MySQL.

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