Hi everyone, I'm looking for the page that explains the rankings within DaniWeb community and shows how many posts are needed to move you up to the next level and stuff.


There is no FAQ regarding the user rankings, it's meant to be kind of a surprise when you get upgraded to the next level :)

That said, I'm sure someone has probably worked out a rough guide as to how many posts get you what attribution and will be along in a bit to share it with us...

I'm quite sure I have seen a kindda table that explains it. But I think I lost the link and tried looking for it and couldn't find it. You're an admin. Shouldn't you have an idea of that works? heheh

I know nothing. And I am sticking to that line...

That is not helpful then!

While it may be all in good fun, I don't see any reason to hide the numbers or the titles. Especially given that it's public knowledge anyway, if you're willing to search through our members to figure it all out (which would be tedious and annoying). I suspect we have someone at each tier.

So here are the post counts and titles as they stand right now:

25:    Light Poster
50:    Junior Poster in Training
100:   Junior Poster
200:   Posting Whiz in Training
300:   Posting Whiz
400:   Posting Pro in Training
500:   Posting Pro
600:   Practically a Master Poster
700:   Master Poster
800:   Practically a Posting Shark
900:   Posting Shark
1000:  Veteran Poster
1200:  Nearly a Posting Virtuoso
1500:  Posting Virtuoso
2000:  Postaholic
2200:  Nearly a Posting Maven
2500:  Posting Maven
3000:  Posting Sensei
3200:  Nearly a Senior Poster
3500:  Senior Poster
4000:  Industrious Poster
5000:  Posting Expert
6000:  Posting Genius
7000:  Posting Sage
8000:  Posting Guru
9000:  Posting Prodigy
10000: Most Valuable Poster

These numbers and the titles given at each number are subject to change at any time, which makes the list less helpful than you might think because by the time you reach the next tier everything may have changed. Also note that these are the default titles. If you choose to apply a custom title, all bets are off. ;)

If you'r a mod, admin, or paid subscriber you can set your rank to say anything you want (within the bounds of DaniWeb rules of course)

Oh we have lost the Clearly Unemployed

@deceptikon, You rock buddy! Thank you for the info.

P.S I'm about to move up to the next level. Yay!