Hi. Not sure if I've posted this on the right forum but I can't log into Daniweb through Google Chrome. Firefox and IE are fine but for some reason I get the below message. I've cleared the cache and enabled cookies etc. What else could I do. Thanks.

**An Error Was Encountered
There was a problem accessing your current session. Sessions automatically time out after a couple hours of inactivity. Also, please ensure you have cookies enabled by your web browser.


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What version of Chrome? This might be a stupid question, but did you make sure cookies are enabled?


Latest version... Not sure what version that is but downloaded it about a day and a half ago.
For Windows XP>
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I've cleared the cache and enabled cookies etc. What else could I do. Thanks.

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Make sure cookies are enabled, and that the login form wasn't from a page that was sitting idle for 6+ hours. Also, are you going through a proxy server? Any weird Chrome extensions installed?


No chrome extensions installed and good question, I can't use site search. It goes to the same error screen. I have cleared the cache several times and cookies are enabled.
I'm assuming the fact that I can't use site search tells you something.
Thanks again for coming back.


Shoot, I know what the problem is. Unfortunately you're going to need to clear your cookies to fix it.

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