Was there a problem with DaniWeb last night and this morning? All I got when I clicked on an email link, or tried to access the site directly was a blank page. I was getting email notifications. I just couldn't view any pages.

Yeah, sorry about that. It was a bug from a change I made yesterday that went unnoticed. :(

I hate when that happens. I once made our AGC/SCADA system highly unstable by introducing an extra comma in a long (split across two lines) FORTRAN function call. There were about 12 default parameters (,,,,,,,) followed by one non-default.

Yesterday I was working on something to popup an alert if you had unread private messages. It ended up not working out the way I was hoping, so I scrapped the idea. Unfortunately, I forgot to strip all of the remnants of code. I didn't notice b/c I have no unread messages.