daniweb 1,000,000 member! Any celebrations seems close.

Oooh yeah, looks like we'll hit it within a day or so! WOOT.

Any giveaways for the 1 millionth member? Maybe "I'm the 1 millionth member" tag for their profile...

What if the 1,000,000th is a spammer? Do they get a case of jellied pork parts?

They get a 'www.daniweb.com' tattoo in the middle of their forehead, it seems only fair.

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So who is the millionth user?

Congrats Dani! That's quite a landmark! You can now boast about how Daniweb has more than a million members!

I think the facebook login made a huge difference. I remember observing the number of member some months ago thinking that it was kind of stalled in the 980k or so. But since the facebook login, it went up to 1M before I could even notice!

It was that we put the "nag" welcome modal window back up, I think.

You can update it ;)

Too late, I did it ;) You might want to add a spammer cleaned version of number to add to it, so we might reword the article little also for more positive tone.

I'd rather leave it up to you guys to remain completely unbiased :)

You can now boast about how Daniweb has more than a million members!

"DaniWeb -- the MacDonalds of the cyber universe!" :-)

Isn't that more than a BILLION sold, not a million?

Mega DaniWeb: Mega Site for Mega Geeks and Mega n00bs!

Now it is 1 000 591 after less than 24 hours, so the speed of increase looks promising. Hope same is true for Google hits and postings quality/amount.

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Jeez! Big hand to Dani and admins. That really came on unexpectedly. Flew past 1m @ Mach 2.

Just had a thought, won't we need about another 100 mods for a comfy 10 000:1 ratio?

@Dani Maybe time to update signature? I ment that you might say around figure for active membership here and I can post that figure to wikipedia?

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It probably helps that there doesn't seem to be any way to leave.....

Well, technically you can go to Edit Your Username and delete the account, or you can just uncheck the box to receive emails from Daniweb.