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Hello, I have a login form which accesses to my website by WebBrowser. You have to put Username and Password in the two Textboxes to login... It works fine and it loggs me in to my site...but how can I tell if the password is wrong or not? How can I give a feedback?
Any help is appreciated.

Where ur saving the passwords? U need to compare the Entered username and password and You can show by either alert in javascript or thorugh label on web page...

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Yeah but how....I need code :(

Which data base are u using?

Can you post your form's code? It will make things easier both for us and you

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The Form's code is way too long. It's a very huge program. You mean just a small part?
I don't know which database I use...can't I look for changes in the Website? For example, if a text appears then "login failed" or else "login succeeded" ? How do I look after that in the WebBrowser...I'm new to this web stuff...I only know basic HTML...

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