it is really awesome. actually i have given this idea :p and i have some credit in adding this feature to daniweb. (just kidding). in reality, programmers are really great who are behind all these things and whole crdit goes to them. hats off..

P.S who is the programmer who do all these things ? lemme guess, is he deceptikon ? :-D thanks. good luck!!

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It could be deceptikon... it could be Dani... it could be happygeek... it could be anyone, but whomever's idea this was gets a round of applause :)


Senior members, by now, should know that there is no point of responding to pm's :)


P.S who is the programmer who do all these things ?

Deceptikon and Dani are the main programmers. Blud is the sysop.

Senior members will receive more PMs now.

There's a checkbox in your profile which lets you become "invisible". Most senior members have this checked to avoid the constant PM's of members asking for help.

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i am the one who has given this idea :-) ehhe... me feeling damn good.. my idea made something changed on daniweb like website .. feeling great.. thanks.


Well, as far as i know, if you set your account to invisible you won't see any purple dots on your account. If you can't see where they are, you find them by the thing that identifies when you posted.

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