Few minutes back I got a message that I am not new bie anymore and it was written that I can enjoy all the facility. Generally I Since beginning I kept sharing my problems with people and also shared some seo realted topics like list of forums. so i would like to do these more. Can i add link to these list of forums or other things which i add on my post as I am not newbie anymore? because if i use links i think people can easily just switch to the websites by a click. Your help will be appreciated

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And don't cut and paste another article that's already all over the Internet, add your own site link into it, and then post it here...


seriously mr. happygeek what i posted, i did that from my own knowledge, i made the post from myself. The fact is that articles got some line which might have similarities with others articles. If 100 people write an article about seo 90% will be quite same as the difenitions and importance of it are only once. Please review my article.


It's a bit of a moot discussion courtesy of the fact that you also included an obfuscated spam link, to your own blog, using keywords in the posting - and a Google search found large chunks of identical text, not just some similarities...

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