Problem: Windows Vista/ Windows 7 User Account password corrupt / Forgot password.


1. Boot from the windows vista DVD
2. Get into Windows Recovery Console
3. Open command prompt
4. In command prompt you will find “X:\source>”
5. Change it c: drive using command c: and hit enter
6. Then type “cd windows\system32” without quotes and hit enter, you will get c:\windows\system32>
7. Rename the osk.exe and cmd.exe using following:

Type command :

“ren osk.exe osk.bat” and then type

“ren cmd.exe osk.exe” (of course without quotes )

Exit from winRE and reboot the computer

1. On user logon screen click on Ease of access icon which is on the left bottom of the screen then it will on ease of access window
2. Put a check mark in Onscreen Keyboard then click on Apply, This will open command prompt
3. Type the command “control userpasswords2” (without quotes) and hit enter, You will see user account windows
4. Select the user account which has the corrupted password, then click on Reset Password
5. You will get reset password screen leave it blank and click ok
6. Click on user account it will ask for the password, leave it blank and press enter, type “exit” (without quotes) leave the screen to logon to the desktop

Then you can login to the desktop

Then open computer and go to the location C:\windows\system32
Give permission to the following files osk.bat and osk.exe (Alternatively see: “How to take ownership and give permission to a file or folder follows”)

How to take ownership and give permission to a file or folder follows

1. Right click on osk.exe then left click on properties, select security tab and click on Advanced at the bottom
2. Click on the tab owner in advanced window, then click on the option edit
3. Select Administrator and click on apply and click ok
4. Then click on Permission tab in Advance window, click on edit, then select administrator and click edit
5. Put a check mark in allow full control then click, ok for all.
6. Click on Tools , under view tab uncheck the radio button for "hide the extension for know files"
6. Now you can rename osk.exe to cmd.exe
7. Do the same for osk.bat to rename it to osk.exe, After restart you can open command prompt with cmd command.


I will give that a try tomorrow. I have a laptop with 7 on it in my workshop that has an admin pasword on it. It was put on by the son of the owner and the son either doesn't know the password or won't say what it is.

6. Then type “cd windows\system32” without quotes ...
3. Type the command “control userpasswords2” (without quotes) ...
type “exit” (without quotes) ....

If you don't want people to enter the QUOTES, don't use them in your explanation. The bold or italic text is enough to distinguish the text to enter.

Anyway, do you really think people today need to be told not to use quotes?

Gee Walt maybe you should try saying thank you to the guy rather than critique his asking people not to use the quotes. And YES people do need to be told. Stop being so insecure!

You can consider reset software--Anmosoft Windows Password Reset.

Truly I agree with your solutions about how to reset Windows Vista/Win7 User Account password. I will introduce you two other ways. One is to use reset disk. Another is to use reset software. In fact, I prefer to use reset software, because I find Windows Login Recovery. You can research it in Google.

Unfortunately this trick doen't work on my computer. Maybe that is because my computer is pre-installed with Windows 8. Eventaully I get a software named PCUnlocker and it works. Thank you any way!

Thanks it worked great!

Your way is too complicated for me. If someone feels like me, another simpler approach I will share. Reset software named Windows Password Killer. You just need 5 minutes and 2 simple steps to reset password successfully. More information you can visit

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