I just came back after a long absense, been doing a refurb job in work and was so tired coming home that I haven't even booted my pc for a month or more. A bit surprised at the new look, it'll take me a while to get used to it, but on first look, I like it. Like the chatbox feature, although time differences around the world can make it difficult, quite often when I'm getting up, most of you are going to bed!

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Welcome back

Welcome back!! :) Play around with it a bit and then let me know what you think :) It came as a bit of a change as far as skinning is concerned, but everything works exactly the same under the hood this time around.


Are you planing to address the issue of formatted code that is oveflowing its container?

Fixed. Word wrapping now breaks mid-word if the word is longer than the allowable characters on a single line.


new layout is good but i want one thing in it want to change user name but i can't find this facility in community please provide this facility also all other thing i love very much


What would be forum when everybody could delete as it please him/her? Just chat...

Take situation someone posts question, you reply to it, the OP doesn't like it and reply in rather rude style, you reply too and whole situation culminates. However before admin/mod can take action OP removes/edit his rude replies to something softer, but your rude replies are there. Who gone get blamed???


Deleting threads is against forum policy, unless they violate the rules. So I don't think you'll get this feature.

Read more in this thread.

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Aarti, what Peter is saying is that suppose people have a discussion on the site. Then, if one of those people can go back and edit or delete their side of the conversation, the entire thing won't make sense or will lose its original meaning. That isn't fair to everyone else who participated in the conversation.


Long time editing leads to chaos. If you posted something that you now regret, bite the bullet and post an apology. It's much easier and you get to keep your kudos. :)

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