G'day daniwebers!

I just ran into this: http://www.daniweb.com/web-development/web-design-html-and-css/threads/463119/responsive-web-designing- and it made me think about a community driven and maintained resource database? Is this something that's been thought of before and swept under the carpet? If so - could we bring it back in to the light?

I'm always crawling the web looking for the next useful tool and if we could construct our own database on DW of recommended resources... it could help a few? It's something I'd use frequently.



Sounds like a good idea -- might also include and area where members can post their resumes.

That's an interesting extension :) perhaps you could split these into two different areas and establish 1. A careers center and 2. A resource database? I'm struggling to see how the two would work together, care to elaborate?

What kind of resources do you have in mind?

Well any tools that can be seen as highly useful, such as http://phperror.net/ for sexy PHP error reporting, http://www.bluestatic.org/software/macgdbp/ for PHP programming on a Mac OS and so forth. You're a programming mistro - surely you're aware of what I'm getting at? :D There are millions of resources all over the web, and HotScripts.com has just become a directory saturated with crap that anyone can submit too without requiring approval - I feel there's a great market opportunity here at DaniWeb.

It's just the perfect addition to DW for new or training programmers to discover useful tools and for seasoned programmers to share and rate their preferred tools.

Perhaps a community member could submit a tool they find useful and the community could vote for it automatic addition to the database. 5:1 in positive votes after 14 days should add it to the database, else the submission is deleted. Just an example of how it could work requiring the least manual interaction.

Oh, so just a collection of useful links. I have something like that. So if Dani is not interested, perhaps I can amend it for DW users.

Such a thing might be useful for other languages as well. The only problem: would new programmers bother to read it?

What about the ones that can be bothered? If someone makes a new tool and wants to share it with the community they can do so here without having to move other to another forum. I know I'd use it, perhaps we could get a better idea by initiating a stick with a poll?

It's something we dabbled with in the past but it just got way too spammy way too fast.

Are you thinking about something similar to Dzone.com?? If so, what features would you like to see that they're not already doing?

I've never used dzone or visited it so no I'm not :)

If you've tried before and failed I guess that's the answer to this thread. Surely there are easy ways to cut the spam, perhaps a downvote margin, and when the margin is crossed the listing is removed?

I've never used dzone or visited it so no I'm not :)

Well check it out. Is that what you meant??? Something along those lines?

Yeah now I look at it it's similar to what I'm talking about. Forget dzone as it looks hideous and think about hot scripts (which doesn't look THAT much better haha). I'm simply talking about a community managed directory of useful development tools and such. If it's that overlooked then forget I made this suggestion; you have enough to do as it is :)

I'm simply talking about a community managed directory of useful development tools and such.

Just build one...

I'm not interested in building/owning one - just thought it would be a good feature for DW :D