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I was wondering if there is a way to use some kind of local server such as Wamp, Xampp, easyPHP etc... something like that and set it up so everyone on the same network can access the database on the server.

The server will be running on a dedicated server computer (A computer stored in a room running the server), an online database is not an option it needs to be a lan database.

F.Y.I: I have never worked with servers before so I don't know how they work I only know what they look like so I don't know if all servers have one computer running it all.

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You don't need web server software unless you want to use a browser to connect to the database. If you write your own program such as with C/C++, C#, VB.NET, etc all the program needs is the ip address of the computer that hosts the database server. If however you are writing a browser-based program then the hosting computer may need a web server program such as wamp (which includes mysql, apache2 and php).

First of all the server is running linux or windows ?
For linux you can use the lampp which is provided by the same company that created the xampp. To access the server from another computer, type the ip of the server in the browser so you will be able to access the xampp as a normal user. To access files you need an FTP software like filezilla.

F.Y.I: I have never worked with servers before so I don't know how they work I only know what they look like so I don't know if all servers have one computer running it all.

A server or a workstation really has little difference other than the role of the system. A computer is called a server, once it takes the role of running some software or service that will be servicing hosts on the network. Most of the time, this computer is running a server version of an operating system because a server version is geared for that purposed. However, if you were to run Windows 7 with a app that is accessed by users on the network, techincally its a server.

In your case, to give you better guidance, we need more infomation. For example... how will clients access this server? Is there a desktop application that will be installed on each host on the network? Will they be using a web browser instead?

What database platform are you going to install? MySQL, MSSQL, Oracle, etc...?

Ok well sorry to say but all of you have all missunder stood what I wanted.
What I want is to setup a database on one computer (That is on the same network, as all the employees) and there will be a program on all the employees computers that will access the database stored on the server computer. Also the server computer will be running windows. So the IP would not be a dedicated IP it will be like a sub IP such as eg. While I'm testing this I've installed Xampp on my computer and tried accessing it from another computer I can access the Xampp fine but I can't access the database running in Xampp.

what is the error message ? Access Forbidden or what ?

First of all what is better to use? easyPHP, Wamp or Xampp. I'm used to using Wamp but I thought I might ask.

This is a error message:
Could not connect to the database: A connection attempt failed because the connected party did not properly respond after a period of time, or established connection failed because connected host has failed to respond.

Ok, I've fixed it. I'm using Xampp, added a new user to the phpmyadmin and just tried connecting to the database using those credentials.

Congrats, but there is a default user for phpmyadmin, user "root" pass "" have you tried it ?

Yer I tried that but for somereason it didn't work, I think that is because that is the local account so I had to create a normal account.

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