How do I search for specific member name? Putting the name in the Search box doesn't work. I tried "<member name>" and "Daniweb: <member name>". google found the name but not at daniweb.

Currently this is a moderator-only feature, although it really needs to be retooled to work for everybody. (The search results are currently moderator-centric with information about the member's infractions, etc.) Perhaps I'll work on doing that tomorrow.

No, i understand, but what happens when you do a search is there needs to be a search results page that shows all the possible [partial-word] matches. The problem is that results page currently isn't conducive to non-moderators.

@AD right now you can try with:

member "dani"

On the google search bar seems to work. Bye!

That gives me too much crap that I'm not interested in, and still doesn't lead me to Dani's public profile page.

Dani: Can't you just add a simple member search button that does nothing but take me to the member's public profile? I don't want to see thousands of google links that do nothing.

AD, I think you're misunderstanding ;) Once I code it up you'll see what I mean.

You could always google and include a string that is found on the profile page like

dani last seen

The link containing /members/ should be at the top of the results

OK, member search functionality has been built into the main search now. (Moderators still have access to the more feature rich version)

its really working for ordinary users also.

but it can be improved as i notice that it shows maximum 5 user and there may be more than 5 who satisfy the condition

like name like


Great! Just what I was looking for. Thanks for adding that.