⇝ Register your domain name
⇝ Get a domain with your keyword phrase
⇝ Write unique content
⇝ Create a great keyword phrase
⇝ Choose a phrase that is popular, but not too popular
⇝ Use the keyword phrase in your title tag
⇝ Link to previous, succeeding, and related posts
⇝ Use the keyword phrase in your URL
⇝ Use your keyword phrase in anchor text of links
⇝ Ask other people for links to your page
⇝ Try to get links from reputable sites
⇝ Try to get links from similar sites
⇝ Keep your site always live
⇝ Create a sitemap
⇝ Write a descriptive meta description
⇝ Use hyphens or underscores to separate words in URLs
⇝ Don't host your site with a host that allows spammers
⇝ Never write your content with JavaScript
⇝ Don't have broken links on your site

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Other than the link building schemes I'd tend to agree with your list. I would however like to point out that page names that use words should have those words separated by hyphens and not underscores. For some reason the search engine prefers it that way (likely because it neater in appearance than underscore separators and because that's the way they do it with their own stuff).

If your website is rich on e.g. images, you might also want to create an image sitemap. (Same goes for video, mobile, news etc. content)

nice tips i like the way you briefly wrote this.

I really appreciate you for this little, but quite helpful tips.

You need to crate website name,who are compartful for business name.
Use proper domina name .com,.org,.us,.uk.
Use poper title tag
Doing seo for website.

Nice information. All the tips that you have shared are very helpful for SEO.

Use hyphens or underscores to separate words in URLs

I agree with canadafred so, I would like to correct this tip as search engine prefer hyphens more than underscores, so we must use hyphens in the URL instead of Underscores.

i am doing the same things but my some of keywords still dancing

very usefull information . thanks for giving tricks.

great post who dont know about web business. seo is the main part of web business and an essential pasrt

very use full info this blog very thank you....

very nice info keep it up guys...

Thanks for sharing this post. Its really helpful for users.
Well, as per my way the best SEO tips are below:
Use only unique and fresh content
Working on high PR dofollow sites.

Great thewebhostingdi, keep up the good work

Thanks for providing such a vital or important or key information.

once again thanks a lot. you are written in brief but every point is clear.

oh thats really cool and better idea for that,it would be definitely sounds a lot

For better result follow off page optimization regularaly. Below is the new site that will give all information about search engine marketing.


great tips thanx

that is reaaly nice.

Great..... really nice info and it's very helpuful for SEO beginners.

"⇝ Use hyphens or underscores to separate words in URLs" is not correct advice from SEO perspective. Never use underscores in the URLs.

How many outbound links are fine to use on any page?

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