how can i take over other websites? specifically to "globalhome" keyword heres my page:

Just follow ranking factors of search engines and make your website user as well as search engine friendly.

Well, SERP ranking depends on many factors, you can't point out the exact factor in raking among the search result it consist of several factors i.e the will contain PR, Backlink, Content, Domain Authority, Page Authority etc... Best think you can do is subscirbe yourself to the searchengineland post for getting yourself updated about the changing trend in the Google Algorithm. Plan out your approach according to the changes in the Google and you will be on the top of search engine rankings.

the ranking of search engine depands on many factors. you should work on various factors so that your keyword should be listed.

Just try to create high-quality backlinks with high domain authority websites and follow all the rule of Google's ranking, then authomatically your website ranking up.

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Do SEO for your site, promote your brand in social media sites, and post new content regularly for the your site and in blog

Make sure the website is optimized for on-page.Then generate backlinks gradually from high quality websites.There is no use of obtaining hundreds of backlinks from low quality websites.A few good quality websites will help to increase the serps.

Is still meta tags has impact in seo and what is the best practice to handle my google knowledge graph?

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