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In SEO, Which one is more important "SERP" or "PR"?

PR is PageRank, which is just one factor in determining how your site ranks in search engines.

SERPs are Search Engine Result Pages, which are the actual result pages you ultimately want to be on (aka the end goal).

For me both are important PR meant page rank of your website and other Search Engine Result Pages, For any website both are necessay and important too.

They're not really two terms worth comparing like that -- a good PR is something that can contribute to a good ranking on an SERP. Ultimately SERPs are more important, but this is like saying a good website is more important than good HTML skills. Being skilled in HTML is one of the requisites to getting you a quality webiste, so calling attention to that is sort of a moot point.

Disclaimer: Analogies aren't my strong suit.

PR means PageRank and SERPs means Search Engine Result Pages.
Both are important in seo.

PR means page rank which gives the information about the traffic of that particular website...
And it plays a very important role in the SEO

wow, people still ask about PageRank and its effect on rankings in the results pages, what an incredibly resilient illusion the search engine has cast this time, this crazy green googly goop.

Both are very important for Search Engine Optimization.

Both are important but mostly clients focus on SERP.SERP increase traffic of a website so it is benificial for business.

PageRank is a numeric value that represents how important a page is on the web. Let’s call it Google’s rating or grade for your webpage (0 = lowest, 10 = highest).

SERP means Search Engine Ranking Page. This is what you look at multiple times a day. It’s the (first) page of results Google gives you when you are searching for a keyword or a keyword combination.

SERP means search engine result page. it is the result page found by visitors when searching any item on google.
page rank is way to measure the weight of website.it indicate how many backlinkm the website have. ite range from 0-10

Both are important as Page rank plays an vital role in getting a good SERP rank.But our final goal is to get top SERP rank rather than PR.

Both are very important and page rank play important role in serp.page rank show very good reputation for in the mind of visitors.

PR means page rank, its shows at what your websites rank on Search Engine.And SERP shows your total backlinks. Both are very important to know uor websites status

Both are important, but mostly people give importance to SERPs

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