Hi All,

i have been struggling with getting the "Description" text as an additional search engine meta.Am refering to the "Description" which is displayed below the title of the Blog. The "Meta tag Description" is showing up.
please see attachment to better understand what am refering to.


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Hmmn... I am not clear what is happening.

I have a blog on Blogger (see my Profile) and it displays the Description as expected. Under the name of my blog, it correctly displays the description, "Living a quiet life in Coquitlam, B.C."

Is yours not displaying at all?
If you delete the Meta tag description, does it then display properly?
If you re-add the Meta tag description, does it overwrite the main description?


If you right something on description tag then when someone search your blog on Google then the description shows there.


yes correct discription is important point your blog should be shown in google.


thanks all for the replies.
i played with blogger settings for around 4 hours & got an acceptable solution.

I noticed the META TAG DESCRIPTION and the DESCRIPTION are 2 different things:

META TAG DESCRIPTION = used by search engines & crawlers.important in SEO.it is the snippet of text that appears in search results.

DESCRIPTION = Displayed under the title of a blog but not used by crawlers.

I wanted the DESCRIPTION to appear when crawlers scan my blog.

So this is what i did to my blog:
2.i placed a header image with TITLE on first line & DESCRIPTION on second line


Google has no problem indexing Blogger posts. I have a blog with Blogger, and I have blog posts that rank very well in their keywords

The problem with your blog is the quality of content.


Thanks, CooAtt. Your answer is so helpful for me. I was in a same problem. I just make the description and the meta tag description same.

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