I bought a new Galaxy Note3 the other day. Last night I thought I'd use it to browse DaniWeb. Big mistake -- DaniWeb is viturally unusable on Android because the purple menu at the top covers the entire screen except for about 1/2 inch at the bottom and the purple ribbon at the bottom uses most of that space.

Is anyone working on a Mobile Daniweb app?

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I was playing with android app,Auth part is left,after that most propably it be be completed in a week.Will look into that after 20th of this month,currently busy in few stuff.


Mobile-friendly would be very good indeed :)

Indeed it is! And so would an app! ;)

Hey, what happened to the guy working on the Android app for Daniweb?


He was working on an iPhone app, and I'm not sure, he hasn't mentioned it to me in awhile. I wonder if he gave up???


I'm going to work on a mobile-friendly design for the site.

its not necessary that after creating a mobile friendly website , it will successfully shown in all browsers. i think opera for mobile will be the major problem as i see.

so i think particular application will be better than design the site for mobile purpose.

and we all are excited to see daniweb.apk on playstore.

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