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You can only change the title of a thread that you started, and only in the first 30 minutes after you created it if I am not mistaken.


You can try a test post if you like. Create a new thread and submit the first post. then go to that post and click Edit Post. You should be able to modify the title.


why i can't change the thread title?

As already mentioned by Jim, you can only change/edit the thread title/contents within 30 mins of posting it. After that, it's a mod/admin only thing.

One thing to note here is that if you for some reason need the thread title to be changed or the content edited a bit (due to typos etc.), you can always "Flag bad post" the first post of that thread and request the moderator/admin to do it for you. This is assuming your request is is accordance with the rules.


thanks for tell me that(i didn't knew that) ~s.o.s~. and thanks for change the title pritaeas

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