Hi, I know I've asked questions pertaining to the site design before, but I'm curious as to the overall theme. We seem to have a lot of different styles, some I think may be left over from the previous incarnation of DW.

There seems to be a lot of flat/block/square-edged items, such as the nav/head area and text items (e.g. profiles), post avatars. Then we have the more cuddly round-cornered action buttons and badges, and the colours of the buttons seem a bit lost on me (although it has been explained to me). It seems a little 'random' to me, although I appreciate that this is not the case as I know that an immense amount of work has gone into coding and styling this from the ground up. <This is not a dig!>

Is there a style revision planned?

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No style revision planned. I'm quite content with the current revision that, as you say, is my humble attempt at taking the previous incarnation and making it more "social media" looking and community focused without it losing its identity.

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