Hi all ...( warning : i am a total newbie to web development )
i am planning to develop a website... i have all the content to put into the website...and i already have a fanbase for the website. I have created the structure of the website in localhost.
just need some help with some things , please ?

first of all , i wanted to know whether it's advisable to use a framework like twitter bootstrap/bootstrap 3 for building the website or starting the website from scratch? Because i am still not sure with my design.

whether it's advisable to buy a responsive theme from the bootstrap wrap premium store....( as some people told me that in the footer there will be their copyright or trademark sign...which i dont want ) Can i edit the theme features after i buy the theme?

please help me with the design..because my design which i created myself from scratch using only html/css and some js scripts looks absolutely horrible in the localhost...it doesnt look professional at all. Although my design is responsive but still i am still in doubt whether it will attract people...

i just bought a domain name till now and tried out my site in localhost... i have great content but no great professional looking design and user-friendliness ... please could you help me out ?

I shall be really really grateful to you ( whoever is viewing this thread )..if you can advise me out ...

i was looking at this design > http://responsivewebinc.com/premium/ericka/ericka-o/
I think this fits all my needs but i am still not sure about the functionality ...whether everything will work properly after i buy the design ?

my current localhost newbie design is : [IMG]http://i41.tinypic.com/2yyz30o.jpg[/IMG]

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Well, it really depends on where you wish to go in the future? Perhaps using a CMS like Joomla! or WordPress is better, as there are thousands of completely free templates you can use, as well as millions of free tutorials.

Before you do though, please visit http://www.codecademy.com/ and do the free HTML, CSS and JavaScript courses. Then move on over to https://dash.generalassemb.ly/ and do theirs as well. That will give you a good foundation for getting proper design and responsive elements into whichever web solution you go for.

Thanks a lot. I have already done the courses you mentioned under codeacademy but not under dash. I will try theirs out too! Thanks a ton for your response :)

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