Hi to all,

I'm looking for a solution to create a front-end in python for an app. I've some experience with Tk (but it's not fundamental i would like to use wxpython) and standard widget, but now i'm in a project too complicated for me. The app is like a multimedia presentation builder or scheduler, where the elements i can use are pictures, videos, sounds, and other as command to execute something and whit timeline i decide when to show each one. I've not found any standard widget to use, so i've made a mockup of the interface that is similar to the multitrack audio or video editor, i think to the pinnacle studio front-end, but the program is much more simple

the mock-up image is http://tinypic.com/r/4gqnap/5

you can see in the picture my idea: there are some channels where i can put different objects like picture, videos, serial command, and foreach i can set the moment to start and the duration. When i press play the timeline cursor goes and when it reach a begin point of object in channel, the object "start " to view or execution video or something else. i can control the timeline scroll when i'm not in play, the channel scroll to add how many channels i need. The pictures and the videos will bew viewed on other dedicated frames: each channel a frame.
Exist a similar front-ent from which i could get code? instructions on how to build something like it?
everything could help me

thank's to all.