Right now I'm typing in consolas, a favorite font among programmers but as soon as I submit this post, all that I've written will be in Arial. I'm sorry but, I hate Arial. I can't stand the narrow words. I almost always have to stop and examine each word individually and code doesn't look good in Arial.

I don't want the storm dissonance to rage within me whenever my "consolas" goes Arial.
I can stand Courier New, Comic Sans, Droid Sans, Monaco and even Times New Roman but I can't, I can't stand Arial.
It's time for change.

You can stand comic sans...?
If we're doing this, can I put in a vote for Calibri, always liked it :)

Personally I like Calibri as well, but I like sans-serif fonts better for the web :)

I'm not sure why you're complaining that code doesn't look good in Arial. Of course it doesn't. Code should always be in a monospace font, which it is on DaniWeb.

Perhaps you can use a custom browser stylesheet to change all Arial font anywhere on the web to your font of choice. It's a built-in browser feature for most modern browsers.

commented: Thanks for the idea about style sheets! +0

I'm not particularly fond (he he) of the purple orange colors around here. But I can live with it. This is Dani's house, not mine. Also let me remind you of a Latin proverb: "De gustibus et coloribus, non disputandum est."