Hi there, I'm looking for php library or extension that helps to edit video files frame by frame. I wanna upload images and those images must be placed in an order in the specified position in the video clips for few seconds. I came across www.animoto.com where they generated video based on some video templates. Please guide me .

You can't really do it with PHP.
I don't think you know how it works.
It's kinda possible to change image through PHP with some of the "functions", but no really videos.
What you can do is write program on your server, whenever someone posts request on your website, tell PHP to give data to your program by writing a file for example theme1-color225593-text1it. Then, program you had created would read file, process it, create video for it and PHP would be able to give it through HTTP request.

You can use ffmpeg PHP, but make sure you have ffmpeg installed on your server. Not until then, I won't be able to give you my response. Yes, it can be done in PHP.

If you want to go ahead, search for ffmpeg concatenation option.

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Thanks for all of your responses. I was looking for the solution. I came across the php extension called php_ffmpeg. As far as i learned, It can extract all the details about a video file and required frames of that video as separate images. So, we can process those image through GD2 library.

@RikTelner, you told me to write a program on my server . Thats really cool. But Do I need to write it in a different technology or PHP ?

@veedeoo, I am trying to install ffmpeg on my server. I'll let you know when it is installed.

@servent123 Well. Apparently you can just create it in PHP. But, what do you mean by "I'll let you know when it is installed.", so far I know, it's just cut/paste method to get it to work.